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The Tours

Below is just a taste of what we offer. If you want to know more, simply get in touch and we will create your custom experience.



The Thoroughbred Tour

An exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Borders' best in race horses and racing.


The Tweedy Tour

This tour takes you around the fertile banks of the Tweed and surrounding area.


Abbey Adventure

A tour or 4 of the Borders' abbeys offering a rich seam of history and culture to uncover.


Breweries & Distilleries

Visit a selection of small, independent brewers and distillers and sample their wares.


The Border Reiver

Discover the Borders turbulent past – steeped in bloodshed and bravery.


Sir Walter's Footsteps

See the beautiful countryside and learn about the fascinating lore and legends which inspired him.


Berwickshire & Northumberland

Drive along the rugged coastline and enter a magical land of coasts and castles.


Borders Textile Trail

The Scottish Borders has a  worldwide reputation for excellence in textile production that goes back hundreds of years.

Discover the story of Borders knitwear and tweed and

visit a handpicked selection of mill outlets offering the finest cashmere, woollens, tweeds and tartans.

How to book

To book any of our tours or to create your own custom experience, give us a call or drop us a message:

Tel:  07393 840010   Email:

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