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The Border Reiver

Discover the Borders turbulent past – steeped in bloodshed and bravery.



Being so near to the Border this royal burgh was often the first place to suffer invasion. This charming royal burgh offers a wealth of historical attractions.


Mary Queen of Scots House

This 16th-century towerhouse is a four-star visitor attraction and tells the story of Scotland’s tragic queen.



The largest of the Borders towns famous for fine quality knitwear and a colourful past, commemorated each year in the local common riding festival. Explore attractions such as the Borders Textile Towerhouse, Wilton Lodge Park, and the recently opened Borders Distillery.

Smailholm Tower

This was a peel tower that was used for fortification during the Border Reivers past. Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from the battlements.


Hermitage Castle

Sir Walter Scott was fond of this castle and had himself painted with it in the background. Find out about its turbulent and romantic history.

Reiver Anchor

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