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The Thoroughbred Tour

The Borders is well known for horses and Lowlander has been involved with equestrian pursuits for many years.  As a result we have created a tour that will appeal to those who would like to see behind the scenes into the world of horse racing in the Borders.



Racehorse Training

The tour includes a trip to the training yard of the successful racehorse trainer Sandy Thomson.  We will watch horses on the gallops and hopefully get a tip or two from Sandy.

Kelso Racecourse

We will visit Kelso Racecourse for a behind the scenes tour - unless it's a race day in which case we will go racing.


Thoroughbred Stud

Also included is a tour of a well renowned thoroughbred stud to see the mares, foals and youngstock.

Thoroughbred Anchor

How to book

To book the Thoroughbred Tour or to create your own custom experience, give us a call or drop us a message:

Tel:  07393 840010   Email:

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